Coral Maxi Dress - HUALALAI

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Embody your inner goddess in this gorgeous floor-length maxi dress. Wear it around the resort during the day, then add some nice heels for a romantic dinner. Designed to dress up or dress down, and the fabric doesn't wrinkle, making it an ideal traveling companion.

The top has removable pads, so no need to wear a bra. 

Made with our Lilikoi Luxe fabric, this non-fraying, self-finishing fabric allows you to trim to your desired length, and leave it. No need to hem!

  • 100% UV protection
  • Eco-friendly fabric
  • Anti-microbial & Odor-resistant
  • 4-way stretch
  • Retains fit in the water
  • Moisture-wicking & Quick-dry
  • Ultra-breathable
  • Fade-resistant digital print
  • Silky-soft comfort

* Each item is handmade and unique, so the print may not be situated on the item exactly as shown in the pictures

Size Chart:





0 to 4

6 to 8

10 to 12

14 to 16


Care Instructions: 

Lilikoi Luxe (Fluity) fabric is high-quality swimsuit material, so caring for it as you would high-quality swimwear will make it last the longest...  Handwash or wash inside-out on a gentle cold water cycle, and hang to dry in the shade. Do not machine dry, do not iron, and do not use bleach.