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Women's Dri-Fit Tank Top LILIKOI Logo - OCEAN BLUE

Women's Dri-Fit Tank Top LILIKOI Logo - OCEAN BLUE

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Women’s Performance Tech Tank Top

  • LILIKOI logo on front
  • Dri-Fit fabric with quick-drying and moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.
  • antimicrobial and odor-resistant
  • 100% polyamide nylon
  • Tag-free collar
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Can also be worn in the water!

Care Instructions
Machine wash cold, inside out with like colors. Hang to dry. Do not iron or bleach. 



Amni® Soul Eco® is the world's first biodegradable polyamide nylon 6.6 yarn. Fabric made from this innovative yarn - produced using recycled water and an innovative CO2 Control® process - has the ability to decompose within 3 years in landfill conditions. Amni Soul Eco® is a major sustainable breakthrough in the world textile industry.  

Amni Soul Eco® is a leader in the new generation of “intelligent yarns” that provide UV 50+ protection, antibacterial benefits, biodegradable properties, and sweat-wicking characteristics. Our fabrics FLUITY (CO2)® and LIGHT (CO2)® are made from this pioneering technology.


Fluity (CO2)®  is a knitted fabric produced with 13% elastane and 87% microfiber nylon using Amni Soul Eco® yarn. The microfiber nylon filaments can be thinner than a human hair, adding a touch of extreme softness, plus a flexible, smooth fit. Our most lightweight and silky fabric, Fluity (CO2)® wears like a second skin, which is why we use it to craft our shirts, bra tops, and resort wear for maximum comfort.


Light CO2® was the first circular knitted fabric produced with biodegradable nylon using Amni Soul Eco® yarn. We make our leggings from this fabric, which offers unparalleled light compression and support and a visually smooth elasticized structure that looks and feels amazing against your skin.

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Care Instructions

Lilikoi Luxe fabric is high-end swimsuit material, so caring for it as you would high-quality swimwear will make it last the longest...  Handwash or wash inside a mesh laundry bag on a cold gentle cycle, and hang to dry in the shade. Do not machine dry, do not iron, and do not use bleach.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amy Conley
Dry Fit Tank Top

Love the fit- just need more colors!

Patricia M Ferguson

So soft,wicking and right length,just great.

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