Cut open lilikoi (passionfruit)

Liliko'i is the Hawaiian name for the passion fruit. We have chosen this delicious, tropical fruit to represent our brand because it not only has a very long list of health benefits, its name also embodies enthusiasm and excitement.

At Lilikoi, we believe that physical and mental health and well-being are intimately connected to living an active and passionate lifestyle. We hope that as you enjoy our products you are inspired to...

Live Passionately

Characterized by bright, limited-edition prints and inspired by the colorful culture of Brazil and the tropical lifestyle of the Hawaiian Islands, Lilikoi Wear offers high-end activewear made with a new generation of “intelligent yarns” that support the wellbeing of the wearer and the planet.

“Our goal is to create a positive impact. To support women in feeling powerful and beautiful when they put on Lilikoi Wear."- January Marie Barros, co-owner 

"Live Passionately means live what you love.” - Rodrigo Barros, co-owner


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